A Bigger Hammer

If you work with your hands, you’ve probably heard the joke, “If it won’t budge, get a bigger hammer.”

We did… no joke.

In the early days of seismic exploration for oil and gas, prospectors took a sledge hammer and a steel plate into the field and hammered the plate to generate seismic impulses.  Those impulses traveled through and reflected back from the buried layers of earth, were picked up by geophones, and used to create crude images of what lay beneath the surface.

Since those early days, explosive charges, accelerated weight drop systems, and Vibroseis trucks have helped create ever more detailed images of the earth.

At HHSeismic, a privately held technology venture, we work both with our hands and our heads. We’re looking back to the early days for inspiration as we create and field new seismic exploration technology — hardware and software — for the oil and gas industry. Our technology also has applications in the civil engineering industry (for assessing soil mechanics in seismically active zones), and governmental geology and geophysical surveys (analysis of shallow faults in earthquake zones, aquifer location and delineation, etc).

It’s surprising what you can do with a bigger hammer.

We’re in the process of demonstrating that.  We encourage you to check back regularly to see our progress as we begin to showcase it on this site. We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised.